Hard Drive Destruction


We offer this service at a fee of $5 per hard drive and includes a detailed report including serial number of each hard drive destroyed if requested. Some skeptics say this is the only way to be 100% sure your information cant be retrieved from the media.


Most people think that if you just delete your hard drive and reinstall the operating system that you are safe but this is not true. Simply deleting the files or even formatting the disk does nothing to stop the determined snooper from accessing your important private data not to mention any person interested in corporate espionage. We say “better safe than sorry” and at a minimum we wipe every hard drive we receive using the American DoD 5220-22.M standard wipe which is what the department of defense uses as its standard.


Hard drive erasure is more affordable and this is a program that writes over all of your information as many times as you want and then wipes the hard drive preventing your information from ever being recovered again. We offer this service free of charge for our customers because we know how important your private information is to you.


We provide you with a Certificate of Recycle - which officially transfers responsibility for proper disposal (and any potential liability) to us - and away from you.


Hard drive destruction options:

   DoD Erasure
   Crushing or Shredding

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